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Looking for information about the impact of climate change close to home? Wondering who’s working on efforts to combat climate change and mitigate its impacts in New Hampshire? A good place to find information is the State of New Hampshire’s website, Climate Change Efforts in New Hampshire.

On the site, you’ll find links to relevant Executive Orders issued by the Governor; to state agencies, cities, and towns working to combat climate change; and to reports produced by non-profit organizations, universities, and government agencies, among other information.

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A Boston Globe article highlighting the Town of Peterborough’s efforts to green government mentions ANE ES student Mindy Pistachio. Mindy conducted the research that convinced officials to help cut carbon dioxide emissions by requiring town vehicles to be turned off.

Go, Mindy!

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Wondering how the campaign finance numbers are stacking up for your candidate? For your candidate’s opponent? Curious to see who in Cheshire County contributes to political campaigns?

If so, check out the Federal Election Commission’s interactive campaign finance map. When you click on New Hampshire, you’ll get to a state map. From there, select a candidate from the left-hand column and then click on a county to access a list of individual contributors.

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