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The New York Times Magazine has published their 2009 green issue. Articles include, “Why Isn’t the Brain Green?” and “Natural Happiness.”

The New York Times requires free registration/login. If you’d like an alternative to this and you use FireFox for your browser, consider installing the BugMeNot add-on. BugMeNot allows you to right-click in the login box for the New York Times (or any other free registration/logins) and choose “Login with BugMeNot” automatically inserting logins submitted by other users.

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As a recovering PC user, I can’t live without a right click, which of course Macs don’t have. Or do they?

Actually you can right click on a Mac: just press the control key (ctrl) and click, and you’ll be able to access those handy right-click menus in Zotero and other programs and applications.

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Exalead is a great search alternative to Google. The advanced search gives you easy access to your favorite targeted search techniques (e.g. filetype, site, inurl, intitle).
Exalead advanced search options

Use the “on a given site” option to search for org and edu sites.

There are also nifty narrowing options:

Exalead narrowing search options

And it’s worth taking a look at “More choices,” as it gives you options to exclude along with additional sorting and narrowing choices.

Happy searching! Better yet, happy finding!

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